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Why are you asking for my gender/pronouns?

The "gender and/or pronouns" field on the profile page is freeform and entirely optional. You can use it to let people know your gender and/or what pronouns you go by (such as she/her, he/him, they/them, or other terms). It's fine to leave it blank, or to specify both your gender and your pronouns, or to specify just one or the other. It's visible on your profile page to logged-in members only, although people may naturally use the info in conversations on public parts of the site. You can check another member's profile (by clicking their username) to see if they've stated a preference.

Also worth noting: until 2017, the field was just "gender." Many members don't update their profile often, and may not have updated their entry in that field since pronouns were added. So if someone's entry sounds a little odd as an answer to "gender/pronouns", it might be an answer they entered to just "gender," and the field changed around them.
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