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What sort of RSS feeds does MetaFilter have?

All the subsites have feeds

MetaFilter Projects:
MetaFilter Music:
MetaFilter Jobs:
MetaFilter Podcast:
MetaFilter IRL:
Best of MetaFilter:

There are also a few specialized feeds
(Please note that if you have your profile set to "Minimal profile for non-members," these feeds won't be accessible. You change this profile setting in your preferences by clicking here.)

tag feeds: [for posts tagged peace]
user feeds: [for posts by user #1]
favorites feeds: [for favorite posts by user #1]
thread feeds: [works for all threads across all sites]
sidebar/best of blog feed:
popular posts:
popular comments:
playlist feeds: feed:// [for a particular playlist]
all music feed:
IRL location feed:
resolved questions:
unanswered questions:

You can also get a feed from your MyMeFi and MyAsk pages and your Contacts page by clicking on the subscribe link on those pages.
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