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Why can't I remove a 'stumped' or a 'resolved' tag from my AskMe question?

The tags 'resolved' and 'stumped' have a special meaning and are treated differently at Ask MetaFilter. A question with either of these tags shows up in different places on the site to help others find them. A question tagged with 'resolved' appears in the list of Resolved Questions on the Answered Questions page. Questions tagged with 'stumped' appear in the Stumped Questions list on the Unanswered Questions page. This gives people interested in seeing complete answers or helping with particularly hard questions an easy way to find them.

Because these tags move the questions into different areas of the site, questions can only be tagged 'resolved' or 'stumped' once. This prevents the question from appearing at the top of these lists more than once.

If you need to remove a 'resolved' or 'stumped' tag from a post, please contact one of the mods.
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What should I know about Covid-19 Coronavirus on Metafilter?

Metafilter members can help each other by observing good information hygiene (share reliable information sources, use good judgment, don't panic).

- The Metafilter Community Wiki is collecting reference info on this page: Disaster Planning, Medical / Pandemic.
- Here are some site-related COVID-19 Updates

Here is a COVID Mini-FAQ:

Got a question about COVID-19/Coronavirus?
First check the World Health Organization, the US National Institutes of Health, or the US Centers for Disease Control websites, which carry up-to-date, evidence-based information. Depending on where you live, your local health authorities may have the specific information you need. You can still ask questions about it on Ask Metafilter, but please consult those resources first, and please check recently-asked questions about coronavirus before asking yours. Remember that answerers are not necessarily medical professionals, scientists, or researchers, and answers are not authoritative. Don't make critical decisions that rely only on the authority of a random answerer on the internet. Remember that the situation is evolving, and answers or posts from a short time ago may no longer be the best available information -- so take into account when the question or answer was posted.

Answering/commenting about COVID-19/Coronavirus?
Please link to pertinent information from high quality sources, and don't give top-of-the-head "it seems to me" sort of answers if possible. If you have particular professional expertise in the subject, feel free to identify yourself that way when answering, but if you don't, please don't phrase your answer in authoritative way. The best information will sometimes be different from country to country, or even region to region or state to state, so don't assume that conditions where you live are the same everywhere. Please try to keep your tone and response relatively calm. Maybe you're frustrated with someone in your life who is not taking things seriously enough or overreacting, but please don't assume everyone needs the same "truth-bomb" you want to lay on them. People are afraid and confused; good information carefully cited can help. Hyperbole, swearing, and bullying don't help.

Making a Metafilter post about the Coronavirus?
Please check recent posts tagged "coronavirus" and consider if your link would be better as a comment in one of those threads. Diffusing news and info among various posts makes it harder for people to keep track, and overwhelms the site. Also please be very careful you are not spreading disinformation, rumors, or hoaxes.

Need somewhere to chitchat or vent or hang out?
Welcome! There's a lot to talk about, all over the site. The Mefi Chat room is always open (now with an added "Watch" room for live watching events), and Mefi IRL has an "Online" category for virtual meetups. You can find people in Metatalk -- for example, recent Metatalk threads tagged "coronavirus" if you want to talk about that, or general Metatalk chit-chat threads are tagged "community". If you like discussing media, Fanfare is a good place to check, see if any Clubs are having events or check the Watercooler tab for most-active posts, or make a Fanfare Talk post to see if anyone's interested in a livewatch event. The "Recent Comments" tab on MeFi, MeTa or Fanfare is another way to see where active threads are.

Want to hide posts about the virus?
On the blue Metafilter front page, you can use "Set Preferences" on the "MyMefi" tab to hide posts tagged with tags you select. On AskMetafilter, do the same at the "MyAsk" tab. After adding your exclusions use My Ask or My Mefi to view those sections of the site.
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How do tags work on MetaFilter?

Tags are a way of adding keywords to your posts as a way of making it easier to find, organize, and filter posts.

Tags can be added/removed, either at the time of posting or later, by the original poster, or the site admins, or mutual contacts of the original poster. There's no automatic tagging, so if you see a post that you think is missing an important tag, let the moderators know.

Tags can only include certain ASCII characters: English letters, numbers, and the following five punctuation marks _ ' \ - ! (underscore, apostrophe, backslash, hyphen, exclamation point). Tags cannot include accented letters or other special characters. Tags are not case sensitive. When tagging a post with a phrase, you can put the words together with no spaces and use CamelCase, for example: HeavyMetal.

Plural tags do not combine with their singular counterparts. There is a "similar tags" function to the regular tag search, to make it easier to catch typos, variant spellings, plurals, etc. See the explanation in Metatalk for details.

To view pages tagged with specific words, either click on a tag or go to a tag URL, for example:

Tags can be combined. To view pages tagged with a specific pair of words, use the plus sign like this:

Tags can be combined with usernames as well. To see "all posts tagged with 'obit' by user 292" use this URL:

The 150 most popular tags are linked on these pages (MeFi, Ask MeFi). The larger a word appears on that page, the more times it has been used to tag a thread. Notable tags on MeFi include obit and art.

Tags allow rough filtering of posts, using the MyMefi or MyAsk pages -- see here for details. Also, tags also have individual RSS feeds, linked from the tag page.

Note: when a post is removed, the tags for that post are not removed from the index. This can sometimes cause discrepancies between the number of posts that are claimed to exist having a certain tag, and those that actually show up in a list of posts with that tag (example).
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What sort of RSS feeds does MetaFilter have?

All the subsites have feeds

MetaFilter: https://rss.metafilter.com/metafilter.rss
MetaTalk: https://rss.metafilter.com/metatalk.rss
AskMetafilter: https://rss.metafilter.com/ask.rss
FanFare: https://rss.metafilter.com/fanfare.rss
MetaFilter Projects: https://rss.metafilter.com/projects.rss
MetaFilter Music: https://rss.metafilter.com/music.rss
MetaFilter Jobs: https://rss.metafilter.com/jobs.rss
MetaFilter Podcast: https://rss.metafilter.com/podcast.rss
MetaFilter IRL: https://rss.metafilter.com/irl.rss
Best of MetaFilter: https://rss.metafilter.com/bestof.rss

There are also a few specialized feeds
(Please note that if you have your profile set to "Minimal profile for non-members," these feeds won't be accessible. You change this profile setting in your preferences by clicking here.)

tag feeds: http://www.metafilter.com/tags/peace/rss [for posts tagged peace]
user feeds: http://www.metafilter.com/user/1/postsrss [for posts by user #1]
favorites feeds: http://www.metafilter.com/favorites/1/posts/rss [for favorite posts by user #1]
thread feeds: http://www.metafilter.com/12345/rss [works for all threads across all sites]
sidebar/best of blog feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BestOfMetafilter
popular posts: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mefi/PopularPosts
popular comments: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mefi/PopularComments
playlist feeds: feed://music.metafilter.com/playlistpodcast/68 [for a particular playlist]
all music feed: http://music.metafilter.com/rss.xml
IRL location feed: http://irl.metafilter.com/go/us/or/portland/rss
resolved questions: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mefi/resolved
unanswered questions: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mefi/stumped

You can also get a feed from your MyMeFi and MyAsk pages and your Contacts page by clicking on the subscribe link on those pages.
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What are contacts? Someone made me a contact, now what?

Adding someone as a contact is a simple way to keep track of their contributions on the site or to just note that you've met them or enjoy their participation. To add a contact, go to that person's profile page and click on the "Add user as a contact" link there. You can choose what your relationship is with this user, or leave that part blank.*

Making someone a contact allows you to easily see some of their site actions in your Contact Activity sidebar on the front page: you can see if they make a new post, make a comment that gets more than 12 favorites, get a "best answer" in AskMe, or add contacts. You can also see their activity on the My Contacts page. If you have made someone a mutual contact—you have linked them and they have linked you—you will be able to help add tags to each other's posts as well.

The most common reason to add someone as a contact is that you enjoyed a comment or post they made, and you want to see future things they post. There is no obligation to be reciprocal if someone has added you as a contact.

When you add a user as a contact, this information will be visible on your own user page as well as your usercontacts page. Contacts you have added are listed in your profile with the phrase "Links to", and people who have added you as a contact are listed under "Linked by". If you want to edit or remove a contact, click on their name and on their profile page you'll see the option to Edit/Remove them as a contact.

*Note that a few users like to select jokey answers for the "what is your relationship" question, for example "crush" or "spouse" for people they don't know. Do not be alarmed if someone does this; it is a common friendly joke. It is also fine to ask them not to do that.
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Can I choose to see only posts or questions with certain tags or in certain categories?

Yes. This is what MyMefi and MyAsk do. See here for more details.
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