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What is my username? Can I change my username?

Your username is whatever name you chose during the signup process and is included in the receipt you received from PayPal. If you can't remember it, please drop us a note at the contact form.

You cannot change the username attached to your account (i.e., the name on your past posts and comments). Usernames are your identity in the community and carry a lot of weight with others that read your comments. If you are changing your username you are effectively disappearing from the site and reappearing anew. Retroactively changing an account's name would also cause confusion as people mention users by name in discussion. Unless there is a grave and life-threatening reason to change the username attached to your existing account, you cannot get it changed. If you are unhappy with your username, you can sign up for an all new account and use that for your participation in the future instead (see the FAQ entry on new accounts for more details about when it's okay to make new or second accounts).
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