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What is my username? Can I change my username?

Your username is whatever you chose during the signup process and is included in the receipt you received from PayPal. If you can't remember it, please drop us a note at the contact form.

You cannot change your username. Usernames are your identity in the community and carry a lot of weight with others that read your comments. If you are changing your username you are effectively disappearing from the site and reappearing anew. Unless there is a grave and life-threatening reason to change your username, you cannot get it changed. If you are really unhappy with your username, you can sign up for an all new account.
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I signed up but had a PayPal problem and now they say my username isn't available. What now?

When you start the sign up process, your username is reserved. If you don't finish signing up for some reason, the username is still reserved. If you come back to try to sign up again, you'll find the username is already taken. But it's taken by you! To fix this, just try to log in to the site with the username you've chosen and you should be prompted to go through the remainder of the sign up process. If not, just contact us and we'll see if we can figure out what's going on.
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It looks like I am logged in with some other person's username. What's up?

This can happen if you work at a big company or are using a big cache server (either university, cable company, or Google). It means the front page was saved by another member also on that system in the last x minutes and you're getting that person's copy instead of a fresh one from the server. You can not post/comment as anyone else, since your user information is pulled from your cookie information.
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