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What does "Pepsi Blue" mean?

Pepsi Blue has become a sort of catch-all catcall for something that's a possible shill posting on MetaFilter - that is, an ad or product endorsement for reasons other than just overall consumer joy. The reason why Pepsi Blue was chosen had to do with the large number of bloggers who seemed to pay special notice of the Pepsi Blue launch, including this post on MetaFilter.

Many MetaFilter members are suspicious of posts (and to a lesser extent, comments) that appear to endorse a (usually new) product or service. If you do want to make a post recommending a product, it is a good idea that you shouldn't have a special interest, financial or otherwise, in the product. Even if you don't, you should still be prepared to face some probing questions in the thread. There are ad sites out there already where such posts might be better received.
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