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How do I mark my question as "answered" (e.g. green check mark)?

Once you've selected a comment or comments as a best answer by clicking on the "Mark as best answer" link next to a comment, your AskMe question will show up with a green check mark on the main page. It's fine to choose best answers whenever you want, but some people may see your question as "answered"if you choose best answers early.
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What are some guidelines for tagging my posts?

Try to add tags that will help people find your post later and avoid double-posting the same thing. Things to include in tags include proper names of people or places (all one word), umbrella tags like art or music or politics, helpful terms such as operating systems or brand names and, of course, the loose subject of your post like obituary or vacation. Try to include a few good tags for your post but don't go overboard adding a zillion of them. People can combine tags for searching (car+stereo), so you don't need to include all possible combinations of your terms. Admins may add or remove tags.
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