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I have a request for a new feature. Should I post it to MetaTalk?

MetaTalk is the perfect place to ask. There is even an entire category dedicated to it. You can look through that MetaTalk category, or at the Mefi Wiki category Mod explanations, which has a short list of some previously denied feature requests, to see if your idea has been discussed before.

You can also use the contact form to ask the mods directly.
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What are Favorites?

Favorites are an internal bookmark system for MetaFilter -- a way to save a good thread or comment to a central place that you can come back to later to catch up or read again. To save a post to your favorites, you simply hit the [+] link, located at the bottom of the text of the post on the front page. Within a post, you may click the verbiage "add to favorites", which is also located at the bottom of the verbiage of the post. It should show up on your favorites page, which is linked in the header menu and on your own user page. You can remove your favorites from the Favorites page or by clicking the [-] link.

Your favorites are public, so other readers will know what you've saved for later. If you want to keep things private, use your browser's bookmark functionality instead. If a comment has been chosen as a favorite, it will have a number in brackets next to the [+] link indicating how many people chose it as a favorite. Clicking the number will show you a list of who favorited that comment. You can mark your own comments as favorites (but your userpage does contain a link to all the comments and posts you have made, so you do not need to favorite them for reference).
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What about adding more email-like features to MeFi Mail?

MeFi Mail is meant for lightweight on-site private messages; we've kept the feature set minimal intentionally. If you need a more full-featured system for a conversation with someone, we recommend exchanging email addresses.
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Can I save a draft of a post or comment?

There is a draft option available for MetaFilter posts. There are no other draft options available on the site. It has been suggested that members can use the Notes/Notepad option on their OS to make drafts.
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