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I can't see video content linked in a post. What can I do?

Some sites have geographically restricted content which means that people in different countries may not be able to view the video. Common sites that do this include Hulu.com [not viewable outside the US, possible workaround for Canada] and some BBC content [not viewable outside of the UK, possible workaround], some Comedy Central programming [possible workaround] Pandora and Spotify. This site has a longer list of sites with video content that may be geographically restricted. This site will allow you to check if your YouTube video is geographically restricted. There are ways to circumvent some geographical restrictions using proxies, some of which are linked in this entry.

Generally, posts that only contain links to content that is entirely geographically restricted are problematic and it would be good if people attempted to find region-free content to link to. If content is determined to be restricted once a post is made, mods may remove the post. However if people can find alternative links to the same or similar content, that would be helpful.
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