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What is being done to prevent bullying on MetaFilter?

We would like to have an atmosphere on MetaFilter in which bullying--specific and repeated harassment of another user with indimidation or silencing tactics--is not okay. Here are some things to know if you think you are being bullied or are witnessing bullying

1. Harassment over MeMail is a bannable offense. If someone is harassing you over MeMail, you can block them from sending you MeMail, and contact the mods and we will look into the situation and take action. (To block MeFi Mail on a per-user basis, scroll to the bottom of a MeFi Mail from the person you want to block, and click "[Block this sender]." To unblock users, go to your Contacts page on MeFi Mail and click "manage blocked senders" at the bottom of the page.)
2. Utilizing the Brand New Day option and continuing to harass users through a new username is likewise against the rules.
3. MetaFilter or AskMe comments that repeatedly target and harass specific users are not okay. Site policy issues ["Why isn't this person banned?"] need to go to MetaTalk or directly to the mods.

Keep in mind that in many cases refusal to respond is often the best path to take if you are in a one-off situation where you feel the mods need to step in. If you are in an ongoing situation with another user, we expect you to do your best to not engage with that user and/or bring your problems with their behavior to the mods.
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