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I'm new. What should I do first?

Welcome! First be sure to check the Metafilter Community Guidelines to understand more about what kind of place Metafilter aims to be. Then you can set up your profile with as much or as little information as you want, then look around the site. You've probably already seen the new user note, so you know about the waiting period before you can post, and the rule against making posts on the front page about projects you were involved in creating or are promoting. It's a good idea to spend time reading the site to get a sense of the culture here. Note that things can vary between parts of the site - for example, MetaFilter (or MeFi) and Ask MetaFilter (or AskMe) have different guidelines. See the Specific Subsite Rules in the Content Policy for specifics.

On the MetaFilter wiki, there is a helpful Orientation page for new members. This FAQ has a great deal of information too. If you have a question that is not answered here or in the wiki, you can use the Contact Us form (which is linked in the bottom right corner of every page) to directly ask the moderation team.
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