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Should I include an NSFW warning if my link is not safe for work? What about spoilers?

Generally if what is behind a link is not safe for work (porn, nudity, shock sites, sound) a NSFW indicator is appreciated. Admins will sometimes add NSFW to links, especially front page posts, if the poster doesn't include them. The same is true for spoilers -- posts that indicate the ending of a book, movie, sporting event etc -- please try to be polite and include them inside the thread or a [more inside] section rather than in the post itself. Mods do not police spoilers on the site except to try to keep them off the front pages of the subsites. You can use the details tag as explained in this MeTa thread.

Do not assume that all content that isn't safe for work browsing will be labeled as such. There are always instances where the NSFW indicator is missing. The same is true for spoilers; admins will try to tuck them inside a post but otherwise do not alter or edit posts. When browsing, it is safest to consider the NSFW tag and the spoiler indication a favor performed by the admins and posters, rather than an expectation or obligation. ROT-13, while a great way to avoid spoilers, is problematic for a large diverse community -- e.g. it's inaccessible for visually impaired people using screen readers -- so we generally ask people to avoid using it.

MetaFilter should not be considered a NSFW-free or a spoiler-free zone.
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