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What is Recent Activity?

Recent Activity, linked in the header bar, is a convenient way to keep up with conversations you have been part of, or chosen to follow, without needing to go check each one separately. Recent Activity shows the last ten comments for threads which you've posted, commented in, or chosen with the "Add to Activity" feature, in the order of their latest activity. If your comment is one of the last ten, it will be highlighted so you can tell it apart from other comments.

If you are tired of seeing updates from a given thread, you can remove it from Recent Activity by clicking "remove from activity," either in the byline of the post, or next to that thread on your Recent Activity page.
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Can I make a selective list of threads that I want to follow? Can I follow threads without commenting in them?

Some people want to follow threads but without commenting in them. In 2015, this is now possible with the Add to Activity feature! See that thread for details. (In the past, this was only possibly by favoriting threads you wanted to follow, and then using the My Favorites tab (see here) to track activity from those threads.) You can see a list of Posts that currently appear in your recent activity. You can remove a post from recent activity either by clicking "remove" in its entry on your Recent Activity page, or at the list page, or clicking "remove from my activity" in the byline of the post itself. You can see a list of Posts you've removed from recent activity. Both of the latter links also appear at the bottom of the Recent Activity page.
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