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How do I view my own (or someone else's) previous posts, questions, and comments?

They are all viewable from your profile. Go to the My Profile link at the top of the page, or click your username anywhere it appears on the site. Your contributions are broken down by subsite, and by post/question and comment.

For an older alternative view of all your comments/answers, you can go to these URLs, replacing number 1 with your user number:
Mefi comments
AskMe answers

To see someone else's activity, go to their profile page, or substitute their user number in the above URLs.
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What is a greasemonkey script?

Greasemonkey scripts are little apps that can be run in Firefox (for users who have the Greasemonkey extension installed) and Chrome. They allow you to customize your experience of the site in various useful ways. Here is a list of Greasemonkey scripts for MetaFilter on the wiki, along with some instructions on how to use them. Note: Greasemonkey scripts are not created or supported by Metafilter. If you have a problem with one, contact the creator of the script, and beware - some scripts can cause problems or pose security risks for you.

There are alternatives to GreaseMonkey, such as TaperMonkey (which works in Safari), and Violentmonkey.

Note that scripts may not work on mobile devices.
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What is Recent Activity?

Recent Activity, linked in the header bar, is a convenient way to keep up with conversations you have been part of, or chosen to follow, without needing to go check each one separately. Recent Activity shows the last ten comments for threads which you've posted, commented in, or chosen with the "Add to Activity" feature, in the order of their latest activity. If your comment is one of the last ten, it will be highlighted so you can tell it apart from other comments.

If you are tired of seeing updates from a given thread, you can remove it from Recent Activity by clicking "remove from activity," either in the byline of the post, or next to that thread on your Recent Activity page. If you want to review the thread currently in, or recently removed from, your Recent Activity display, you can use the Manage Posts in Recent Activity and Manage Posts Removed from Recent Activity links which appear at the bottom of the Recent Activity page.
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What do the counts on the Popular Posts or Popular Questions page mean?

The Popular Posts tab on MetaFilter and the Popular Questions tab on Ask MetaFilter show posts and questions that have received the most favorites from members within a specific time period: the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or all time.

While browsing these pages you can see both the total number of favorites and the number of favorites added within the current set time period. Favorite counts are shown as a text link that says something like [24 favorites (12 in the last 24 hours)]. That means the post has received 12 favorites in the specified time period and 24 favorites total. If a post only has [x favorites] listed, that means all favorites were added within the specified time period. Click the link to see the list of all members who added the post as a favorite and when they added it.
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Can I see which threads are currently most active?

Yes. The Recent Comments tab in Metafilter and MetaTalk will show you which threads have recent comments in them. This will often include the most recently posted threads, but will also catch older threads that are still chugging along.
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Can I choose to see only posts or questions with certain tags or in certain categories?

Yes. This is what MyMefi and MyAsk do. See here for more details.
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What is My MeFi? What is My Ask?

My MeFi (a tab on the Metafilter front page), and My Ask (a tab on the AskMetafilter page), are customizable views of the sites. For both, you can choose tags or categories you are interested in, and then the My MeFi or My Ask tab will show you only the posts or questions related to the subjects you chose. You can also exclude posts or questions according to tags/categories you choose, and My MeFi or My Ask will show you a view of the site with those posts or questions removed.

To get started, go to either tab, and it will have a link to your Preferences page where you can set up which tags and categories you're interested in. For example, you could set up a MeFi page that only shows you posts about art and food, or a version of AskMe that includes everything but relationship questions. You can always change your preferences later, too.

Fair warning: tagging is not automated. Filtering by tags depends to some extent on how consistent posters are in tagging their posts.
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What is My Favorites?

The My Favorites tab shows recent comment activity in threads you have favorited. If you favorite selectively, this is a way to monitor threads you are interested in, without commenting and adding them to your Recent Activity.
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Can I make a selective list of threads that I want to follow? Can I follow threads without commenting in them?

Any thread you comment in will automatically show up in your Recent Activity, linked in the header bar. If you'd like to add a thread to Recent Activity without commenting in it, you can use the "Add to Activity" link in the post (more info in this MetaTalk thread).

You can also review and manage the threads currently visible in your Recent Activity. See this FAQ entry for more details.

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Can I follow all the threads I have commented in, by looking in one place?

Yes. This is what Recent Activity does. See here for details.
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