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What is the Contact Us form?

The Contact Us form is used to contact the MetaFilter staff directly. It is always available, located at the bottom of every page, though there is not always a member of the Moderation Team on shift.

The form can be used for site questions or problems and a response will be sent to the email address the user provides. Every staff member will be able to see the message and whoever is on duty will respond. If you are commenting about a specific thread or comment, please include a link.
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What is the policy on member to member communications via MeFi Mail?

Members may use the site’s messaging system, known as MeFi Mail, detailed in this FAQ. MeFi Mail is an optional feature of the site. Users may ask other people to stop contacting them and may use MeFi Mail’s blocking feature. Unwanted communications in MeFi Mail–persisting in communications after a user has asked you to stop–constitutes harassment.

Please note that sharing any private user-to-user communications without permission is potentially a bannable offense.
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