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I need to get in touch with a site admin in a hurry. How do I do this?

Here is a link to the Contact Form. It will reach whoever is working; this is the quickest way to get most problems resolved. When you use the contact form, an email is sent to all of the admins, and whoever is working will respond. The response will go to your email address, not to MeFi Mail.

Do not use MeFi Mail to get in touch with an admin in a hurry. Admins often disable MeFi Mail when they're not available to handle site issues.

IM or chat is another other good way to get through to the site admins in a hurry:
AIM: mathowie, jeremypreacher
gtalk: mathowie, nnncortex,, pbausch, jpreacher,, lobstermittens
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Who is in charge here? Are there admins and moderators like other sites?

The moderators are: mathowie, cortex, pb, vacapinta, restless_nomad, taz, goodnewsfortheinsane, LobsterMitten. jessamyn is retired.

Moderators have a "staff" badge on their profile pages, under their profile picture. The "staff" badge also shows up next to their name on comments in the MetaTalk area of the site, if the person was a mod at the time of the comment -- it does not show up on old comments from before the person became a mod.

MetaFilter was created by Matt Haughey (mathowie) in 1999. He was the sole admin of the site until 2005 when Jessamyn West (jessamyn) started helping keep Ask MetaFilter on track. In March 2007 Josh Millard (cortex) started helping out around the place. pb keeps the back end running smoothly and does bugfixes and feature builds. In May 2008 vacapinta became the unofficial "Midnight Mod", checking in a few times during the North American night, and in April 2011 Jeremy Preacher (restless_nomad) came on to keep an eye on things over the weekend. October 1, 2011 saw the first regular non-US mod when taz joined the team. In 2012 LobsterMitten and goodnewsfortheinsane joined the team as "floater" mods.

Now they all watch the flagged posts pile up, delete questionable posts, occasionally post to the sideblog, and settle any disputes that might arise. You can email all the mods at once using the contact form.
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How can I tell if a comment was made by a moderator?

On MetaFilter and AskMetafilter, moderators use small type and square brackets to indicate they are making an "official" comment:

[Mod comments look like this.]

Moderators are also regular users of the site, and they also participate in threads in a non-official capacity. If you're not sure how a specific mod comment is meant, ask using the contact form. If you're not sure if someone is a moderator, see the list of moderators here.

On MetaTalk, moderators are identified by a little "staff" badge next to their username. The staff badge is always "on" in MetaTalk.

Moderators also have a "staff" badge on their profile pages, under their profile picture.
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