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What does "I help fund MetaFilter" on profile pages mean?

In 2014, site founder Matt Haughey posted a MetaTalk thread about MetaFilter's financial problems. In that thread, community members and casual readers began contributing to the site's PayPal account through one-time donations and recurring payments. This new source of revenue was a step toward being member-supported rather than advertising-supported. We wanted to acknowledge those members who are providing this additional help to keep this place running with a note on their profile page.

For those who don't want the note to appear on their page, there's an option in site preferences to make the note inactive. Uncheck the box next to "Display funding message?" under "Contact / Privacy" settings. If you donated but somehow didn't get the profile message, just let us know via the Contact Us form and we'll set it up manually.

If you'd like to contribute, you can Help Fund MetaFilter.
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Why is there a referral code on the Amazon link in that post?

In early 2006 Matt changed the way that Amazon links are handled. The MetaFilter associates ID is added to all Amazon links and any other referral codes are stripped out. This means when someone buys a thing from Amazon thru a link from here, MetaFilter gets a small amount of money, which helps to fund the site, paying for the servers and moderation staff. If you want to help the site but don't want to use Amazon, here's a list of other ways to help fund Mefi.
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How can I donate money to support the site?

Go to the funding page. We accept donations and recurring subscription payments in any amount, through Stripe (for members), Paypal, by personal check, or in Bitcoin. (For these, you get a fancy message on your profile page, or you can choose not to display the message. If you'd like that profile message but it doesn't show up after you donate, just let us know via the contact form and we'll set it up manually.) You can also support the site by doing your Amazon shopping through our Amazon affiliate link. Plus we have t-shirts. Thank you for supporting the site!
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