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What is the US Politics sidebar widget for?

This feature does two things: gives users a quick way to hide most US politics posts from their view of the front page of MetaFilter, and provides a quick reference to recent discussion threads on that subject for those who want to find them more easily.

The filter's post-hiding option is intended to be quick and approximate -- right now, it hides posts tagged "potus45" (for the 45th President of the United States), and "USPolitics." If you want a more carefully-tuned filter of what you see and don't see on the front page, you can instead use the My MeFi tool to create a custom list of filtering tags. Also, the widget only hides the posts on the front page of Metafilter, so those posts will still appear in other views like Recent Comments, Popular Favorites, search results or tag pages. More extensive details are in the Metatalk post introducing the feature.

The list of recent threads in the US Politics sidebar listing is curated by the mods. If you think a thread should be listed there or is listed there in error, let the mod staff know via the Contact Us form.
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