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I want help finding an old post or comment. Where should I post this question?

Post it to MetaTalk.
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How can I check if something has been posted before, to avoid double posting?

The New Post form will automatically check for you. Just enter the URL and click "Preview."

For better searching, leave off everything but the domain name -- no "http," no "www" and no directory or html suffix information. This makes it more likely the search will catch a double.
You can also plug a URL into the Search box on any page, or search in Google by pasting the URL into Google along with this string: site:www.metafilter.com
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Can I search within my favorites?

Yes. Click on the number after "Favorites:" from your profile and you will be taken to a page that includes a search window you can use. Type the word(s) you would like to find into the search window and then click "Search." The first returns will be from your favorited posts, and if you then click on the "Comments" tab on that results page, you'll see search returns for comments.
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