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Can I close or delete my account permanently or temporarily?

Yes; if you no longer want to be a part of the MeFi community you can close your own account. If you go to your profile page when you are logged in, click Edit Profile and scroll to the bottom, you will see a link that says "Close Your Account." Clicking this will take you to an "Are you sure?" page. If you confirm, your account will be closed and you will be unable to log in, post, comment or access MeFiMail. Your existing posts and comments will remain. If you change your mind at a later date and want to reactivate your account, a moderator can do it for you.

If you need to completely delete your account for privacy or safety reasons, Metafilter can accommodate you. Please be aware that this is a harm reduction strategy; Metafilter's content is regularly scraped/reproduced elsewhere on the internet and deleting the original will not remove copies outside our control.

To get your account deleted:

- Use the Contact Form to request an account deletion
- We will run the process within approximately 48 hours and notify you when it's done
- Currently, AskMes and IRL posts are made completely inaccessible; comments become completely inaccessible; FPPs and other subsite posts are deleted in the Metafilter-specific sense, i.e. they're not easily discoverable but they're still accessible by direct link.
- If personal/identifying information exists in one of those other posts, please specify and we can make it inaccessible manually.
- Deleted accounts will remain closed. Users who request an account deletion may continue to use the site with a new account. If you have further concerns, we will be happy to discuss a safety plan with you.

There are other privacy solutions available to you as well, including secondary accounts, individual comment/post deletion, and the minimal profile option

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What's up with banning? What does one see when they've been banned from MeFi?

Users who have been banned will not be able to log in to MetaFilter or access MeFiMail or their Recent Comments page. If they are already logged in, they will be unable to comment or post. There will be a small "account is closed" notice on the user page of banned users. If a user has received a short term timeout, there will be no "account is temporarily closed" banner.

Banning is usually temporary, but sometimes permanent. Giving someone a "timeout" means their account has been banned for a short time.

Banworthy offenses include self-linking on MeFi, spamming the site with promotional links, abusing the site with excessive trolling comments or nonsense, excessive jokiness or snarkiness in AskMe, or over-the-top harassment or "outing" personal information of other users. (See the Metafilter Community Guidelines and Content Policy for more explanation, too.) Short term bans or timeouts automatically expire after a given amount of time (24 hours or 1 week).
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