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What is the MetaFilter wiki?

The MetaFilter Wiki is an unofficial collaborative wiki run by Pronoiac. The purpose of the Wiki is to produce and maintain a general guide to MetaFilter. It is editable by anyone, whether they are a MetaFilter user or not. There is a lot of good information there, especially about site history, specific users, and community norms and behaviors.
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How can I find out various MeFi statistics, like who has posted the most, or had the most favorites in a given month, etc?

You can try using the Infodumpster to find out. You can also look on the Mefi Wiki page on Meta-Analysis.
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Where can I find a list of common lingo and Mefi-specific abbreviations?

The MetaFilter wiki is a good place to get an idea of the in jokes that people use on MetaFilter. You may also want to check out the Orientation page for other things that might be useful for a new user.
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How do I suggest a new online community/social site for the "also on" section of the profile page?

There is a page on the MetaFilter wiki called SocialStuffs which is where you can suggest a new social site. That page has additional information on the information that we need in order to add the site. We try to add a group of new sites every few months.
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