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How can I tell if a comment was made by a moderator?

On MetaFilter and AskMetafilter, moderators used to use small type and square brackets to indicate they are making an "official" comment:

[Mod comments used to look like this.]

As of 2021, Mod comments on MetaTalk, FanFare and MetaFilter will have a box around them. On other parts of the site, they will still be in small type in brackets. As of 2018, moderator comments made in "mod voice" will also have a "Staff" badge in the byline of the comment.

Moderators are also regular users of the site, and they also participate in threads in a non-official capacity. If you're not sure how a specific mod comment is meant, ask using the contact form. If you're not sure if someone is a moderator, see the list of moderators here.

Moderators also have a "staff" badge on their profile pages, under their profile picture.
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